Root Canal Treatment Scarborough

Cedar Heights Dental offers advanced root canal treatment in Scarborough, Ontario. Root canal treatment is usually recommended for patients who are experiencing advanced decay that can reached the vulnerable inner pulp of the tooth. Fortunately, at Cedar Heights Dental, we have experienced dentists who can restore health to the ailing tooth by accessing the pulp chamber and root canals. Once the pulp has been replaced with a safe, biocompatible substances and patient’s tooth is sealed, a dental restoration is typically placed as a final touch in order to restore the natural shape of the teeth.

When the pulp inside the teeth becomes infected –it becomes necessary to remove the infection in order to prevent tooth loss and other potentially serious consequences. The procedure to remove this pulp infection is known as root canal therapy or, more commonly, a root canal.At Cedar Heights Dental, we offer advanced root canal therapy and custom tooth restoration, which is a safe, effective, and quick way to preserve the quality and appearance of your smile.

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