April 21, 2020

Invisalign- All of your queries with regards to the procedure answered here!

If you are looking to straighten your teeth, but do not want to wear metal braces that are visible, one of the best alternatives that you can choose is to go for Invisalign braces. These braces consist of clear trays, which are known as aligners. These are custom-designed for your teeth only and over a period of time, these aligners help to straighten your teeth, without having to go through the discomfort of wearing the metal braces.

Based on the complete treatment plan, Invisalign will provide you with the set of aligners from the initial start to the final desired position of your teeth. Being made of thermoplastic material, the aligners are barely visible and they help one to get their desired teeth alignment, without having to go through the pain of the traditional braces.

When thinking about going for braces, one always has the choice to decide between the traditional braces or use Invisalign aligners. Making the choice often involves many questions about the procedure and the advantages that are offered by the same. These need to be adequately considered by a prospective dental patient. In order to keep you well-informed, we have listed below some of the most commonly asked questions about the Invisalign process.

How does the procedure work?

With the help of a 3D computer-imaging technology, doctors are able to generate a complete treatment plan for the patient from the initial set of aligners to the final stage. According to this plan, a set of custom aligners are designed and customized to fit your teeth exactly and a set of aligners is usually for a couple of weeks, after which one needs to replace it with the next set of aligners.

What benefits can I gain from Invisalign?

Given that these aligners are clear, it is certain that most people will not even notice that you are wearing braces. Apart from this, dental patients are able to eat and drink all of their favourite food items, without worrying about the braces. One is also able to brush and floss in a normal manner by simply removing the aligners. Patients no longer need to visit the dentist repeatedly, as there is no need for adjustments and one doesn’t need to go through uncomfortable wires and metal braces any longer.

Is Invisalign a painful process?

Invisalign is able to straighten a patient’s teeth, without the need to undergo the painful process of metal braces. However, one can feel some discomfort when using a particular set of aligners for the first few days. While it can be a bit uncomfortable, it means that the treatment is working and your teeth are slowly falling into their respective position.

Am I eligible for undertaking the Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign is a suitable treatment for most teens and adults who would like to fix their teeth. However, in case you still have baby teeth or second molars, which have not properly erupted, it is possible that you might not be eligible for the treatment procedure. In order to find out if you can undertake the procedure, you should see a dentist who is a specialised Invisalign provider and they will help you understand if you can go ahead with the procedure.

The questions mentioned above are sure to answer all of your queries regarding the treatment process. In case you want to know more in detail about the Invisalign treatment and find out if your eligible, visit our team to know more.