March 26, 2020

How to choose the right teeth-whitening method to whiten and brighten your smile?

All of us desire to have teeth that is perfect and a beautiful pearly white smile. It is possibly why teeth whitening procedures are one of the most popular dental treatments today. Teeth whitening can be a great option for everyone to have shining white teeth, which might not be possible naturally. Normally, our teeth are a yellowish grey in colour and overtime, the use of tobacco products and certain food items can lead to the build-up of surface stains, which, in turn cause discolouration.

The ideal dental patient, eligible for the procedure is someone who has healthy gums and teeth. Teeth that is of a yellow tone responds best to the teeth whitening process. Given that not every treatment does not suit everyone, it is, thus, necessary to consult your dentist to find out the best possible method for you. There are certain teeth whitening procedures which use bleach and this is isn’t suitable for all patients. Hence, one needs to make a choice after consulting the doctor.

The options available to a patient includes using a teeth-whitening toothpaste, teeth whitening kits available over the counter, and in-office teeth whitening. The procedures might take a few days or a few weeks to show the desired results in patients. Here are the benefits of each of the methods:

Teeth-whitening toothpastes

These toothpastes are known to remove the surface stains with ease. Individuals can see the desired results due to the use of special abrasives as well as chemical agents that help in the removal of stains. Such toothpastes are a favourite for patients who are looking to whiten their teeth a shade or two, however do not want to cause too much wear to their teeth and gums. However, these pastes lack bleaching agents, and as such one cannot expect to see the results that one would get from a professional treatment.

Over the counter whitening kits

Over the counter teeth whitening kits consist of a whitening strip and gels, which are known to show better results than the toothpastes. This is because they contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which helps in lightening the colour of the tooth from inside. One needs to use the gel and whitening strips for a few days, before they can start seeing positive results.

Eating healthy

If you are keen to maintain proper dental hygiene, it is necessary that you adopt healthy eating habits. Having a nutritious meal, which is balanced, and avoiding junk food can be good practices. Avoid sugary foods as much as possible, as these are known to attack your teeth instantly. Instead, eat fruits such as apples and pears. If you do indeed have sugary food substances, make sure to brush your teeth afterwards to prevent the acid formation.

In-office treatment

If you are looking to undergo a teeth-whitening procedure under the care of a professional dentist, then an in-office treatment is the best option. Even though such a procedure might be slightly more expensive, it is a much safer option as one is sure to get exactly the best result from the procedure. A single appointment can suffice to see the best results, however, one might need follow-up consultations to sustain the same shine in the teeth.